Utility Solutions, Inc.

February 26, 2015 • 828-323-8914


SAFETY FIRST. Safety is not just a slogan, it is a way of life for lineman who risk life and limb. Many advances have been made in safety practices and training methods, and the electric industry continues to push forward and create a safer more predictable environment.

Safety and training is about managing information. We believe a well informed and trained lineman is a safer and more efficient lineman. View these items created specifically for lineman.


BLUE STRIPE® Discharge Hook

The Utility Solutions BLUE STRIPE® Discharge Hook safely eliminates a static charge after de-energizing.

BLUE STRIPE® Rescue Hook

The Utility Solutions Rescue Hook is an invaluable tool to assist in removing an insured worker from hazardous location, including confined spaces, electrical gear, and vaults.

Load-Trainer™ Transformer Simulator

Transformer trainer and simulator. Great tool for training/safety enhancement of all line personnel. Permits one to duplicate wiring situations along with a multitude of potential problems possible in the field. Requires 110 volt power source.

Grounds Tester

Portable grounds tester with industry leading 600 Amp capability and incorporating REACH(TM) technology to rapidly identify problem components in the ground cable.

Tool Demonstration Trailers

Utility Solutions has a fleet of tool demonstration trailers that are constantly roving across the United States and Canada. Call your local Utility Solutions sales representative to schedule a trailer visit to your location.

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