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About Us

Utility Solutions is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and products for the electrical power industry.

Engineers with broad electrical distribution experience founded the company in 1990 in order to design and manufacture safe and innovative products for lineman. Utility Solutions has created an environment that attracts highly skilled personnel with expertise in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, machining, production, sales, and marketing.

Utility Solutions has the resources and experience to make new product ideas a reality. Our engineering department is the heart of the company and focuses on product design in both form and function. Our U.S. production facility, located in Western North Carolina, includes an extensive CNC machining department, molding capabilities, quality controlled assembly, and fiberglass production. Both our global sales force and our marketing department have proven track records of gaining market share with new and existing products.

Utility Solutions is a well positioned company in the utility market and has a growing list of patented tools and products.

Our Vision

Through innovation and engineering, we conceive a safer, smarter, more controlled work environment for those who work to deliver power.

Our Why

We are a driven team – guided by engineers and executed by a highly trained, specialized workforce with the combined focus of delivering tools and products manufactured to the highest standards – creating and innovating to safely deliver powerful control to lineworkers and others throughout the power grid.