May 30, 2020 • 828-323-8914

Lineman Ideas

Lineman Driven. It’s not just a slogan, it represents who we are. Here are a few examples of products that came from lineman.

  • Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool  Not being satisfied with the industry standard method of removing a fuse tube and cutting power, “Jack” thought outside the box. His ingenious and extremely simple design was refined by our engineers and has changed the way utilities perform refusing operations.
  • Grab-It™ Cutout Fuse Tube Remover  There is one operation that is a pain for linemen. . . sometimes literally. Removing a fuse tube using a ground operated telescopic stick can be difficult, dangerous and frustrating in the best weather conditions; not to mention in the dark or when the wind picks up. The Grab-It™ solves those problems and was invented by a lineman!
  • Jumper-Aid™  This inventor solved the problem that most linemen have experienced when trying to hang a jumper that is wrapped in a blanket. The unique scissor action is genius and safely secures jumpers in all kinds of situations.
  • Strip-N-Coil™  If you have ever tried stripping insulation and then wrestling with the concentric neutrals on a heavy gauge underground cable, then you will understand the benefits of this tool. Strip and then easily twist the neutrals on this drill accessory.
  • Klondike Clamp  Need a blanket around a pole? Got your hands full already? Wish you had a giant set of sturdy, non-conductive clamps? That’s what the inventor thought before coming up with the Klondike Clamp. Now available in two sizes; the larger one has additional holes on the open end for securing blankets on the biggest of poles.