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BLUE STRIPE® Heavy Duty Telescopic Sticks

  • Blue Stripe HD Stick

The BLUE STRIPE® Heavy Duty Telescopic Stick has been designed for maximum strength. Section #1 is larger than a standard section and the machined spline end assembly is pinned and glued to handle higher torque applications.

Hotline workers using load break tools or operating heavy switches will often exceed the design limitations (pushing, pulling, or twisting) of standard telescopic sticks. Our HD series sticks have been specifically designed for such applications and can hold up to the daily rigors that lineman require.

The epoxy resin and unique non-woven fiberglass construction creates a smooth durable surface that resists water absorption. Our patented BLUE STRIPE® feature takes the hassle out of lining up buttons.

These products are patent protected under Patent number 6,875,917 and other patents pending. All BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Sticks are manufactured to meet industry standards including OSHA, ASTM and IEC as applicable.


USTS-HD-05050 ft.69.5"24 lb 12 oz50',45',40',35',30' USSB-006
USTS-HD-04545 ft.68"19 lb 8 oz45',40',35',30',26'
USTS-HD-04040 ft.66”16 lb 0 oz40’,35’,30’,26’,21’USSB-008
USTS-HD-03535 ft.65”13 lb 0 oz35’,30’,26’,21’,17’
USTS-HD-03030 ft.63”10 lb 8 oz30’,26’,21’,17’
USTS-HD-02525 ft.62”8 lb 6 oz26’,21’,17’USSB-005
USTS-HD-02020 ft.60”6 lb 6 oz21’,17’
USTS-HD-01616 ft.58”4 lb 11 oz16’,12’


Heavy Duty Rubber Boots are available on 16ft to 40ft sizes (“-BOOT”)


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