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BLUE STRIPE® Measuring Sticks

The BLUE STRIPE® Measuring Sticks offer easy and accurate method for infield measuring while also functioning as fully rated telescopic hot sticks. Large, clear English (EM) or Metric (MM) measurements run along side our patented BLUE STRIPE® feature.

The BLUE STRIPE® Measuring Stick uses our advanced composite construction with epoxy resin and unique non-woven fiberglass to create a smooth, durable surface that resists water absorption.

Our Standard Measuring Stick is the only round telescoping hot stick available in EIGHT different sizes. Choose from 16’ to 50’, English or Metric versions.

Our New BLUE STRIPE® Take-Apart Measuring Stick is the industry’s first round measuring stick with removable sections. This is the most versatile telescopic hot stick available. It can operate live-line equipment from the ground, a bucket and can now accurately perform infield measurements.

These products are patent protected under Patent numbers 6,875,917, 10,245,719 and other patents pending. All BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Sticks are manufactured to meet industry standards including OSHA, ASTM and IEC as applicable.


MM – Meters / Centimeters
EM – Feet / Inches

STANDARD w/ Non-Tiplock
USTS-050-EMUSTS-050-MM50 FT.15.2 m68”20 lbUSSB-006
USTS-045-EMUSTS-045-MM45 FT.13.7 m66”16 lb 8 ozUSSB-008
USTS-040-EMUSTS-040-MM40 FT.12.2 m65”13 lb 8 oz
USTS-035-EMUSTS-035-MM35 FT.10.6 m63”11 lb
USTS-030-EMUSTS-030-MM30 FT.9.1 m62”8 lb 14 oz
USTS-025-EMUSTS-025-MM25 FT.7.6 m60”6 lb 14 ozUSSB-005
USTS-020-EMUSTS-020-MM20 FT.6.2 m58”5 lb 3 oz
USTS-016-EMUSTS-016-MM16 FT.4.9 m56”4 lb
TAKE-APART w/ Tiplock
USTS-TA-045-EMUSTS-TA-045-MM45 FT.13.7 m71"16.5 lbUSSB-006
USTS-TA-040-EMUSTS-TA-040-MM40 FT.12.2 m69"13.5 lb
USTS-TA-035-EMUSTS-TA-035-MM35 FT.10.6 m68"11 lb

Tip Lock Option for STANDARD (“-TL”)

Non-Tip Lock Option for TAKE-APART (“-N”)

Heavy Duty Rubber Boot Option (“-BOOT”)

Plastic Hook End to replace Spline End for STANDARD ONLY (“-PHE”) 


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