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BLUE STRIPE® Take-Apart Hot Sticks

Introducing the industry’s first round telescopic hot stick with removable sections. Our patented design uses interlocking channels that line up with our BLUE STRIPE® feature creating strong joints that come apart with a push of a button.

The BLUE STRIPE® Take-Apart Hot Stick uses our advanced composite construction with epoxy resin and unique non-woven fiberglass to create a smooth, durable surface that resists water absorption.


  • Removable sections offer versatility and easy maintenance
  • Round sections operate smoothly without binding or sticking
  • “No pinch” buttons are durable and easy to operate

These products are patent protected under Patent numbers 6,875,917, 10,245,719 and other patents pending. All BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Sticks are manufactured to meet industry standards including OSHA, ASTM and IEC as applicable.


USTS-TA-04545 ft.13.7 m71"16.5 lb45',40',35’,30’,26’,21’,17’USSB-006
USTS-TA-04040 ft.12.2 m69"13.5 lb40',35’,30’,26’,21’,17’
USTS-TA-03535 ft.10.6 m68”11 lb35’,30’,26’,21’,17’
USTS-TA-03030 ft.9.1 m66”9 lb30’,26’,21’,17’
USTS-TA-02525 ft.7.6 m64”7 lb26’,21’,17’USSB-008
USTS-TA-02020 ft.6.2 m63”5 lb21’,17’
USTS-TA-01616 ft.4.9 m61”4 lb16',12'


English Measuring (“-EM” sizes: 35′ – 45′)

Metric Measuring (“-MM” sizes: 35′ – 45′)

Non-Tip Lock Option (“-N”)

Heavy Duty Rubber Boot  (“-BOOT”)

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