December 7, 2021 • 828-323-8914

BLUE STRIPE® Telescopic Range Pole

USRP Range Pole

Our Telescopic Range Poles are robust, compact and include similar features as our live-line fiberglass hot sticks.

Each pole includes:

Red & Yellow Contrasting Segments 12” apart for easy sighting and measuring at a distance

Metal Eyelet tip for attaching flags or ribbon

Rugged Steel Pointed Base with Large Foot

Compact Telescopic Design

Patented BLUE STRIPE® Alignment Feature (These products are patent protected under Patent number 6,875,917 and other patents pending)

Available in three sizes: 25′ (6 sections), 20’ (5 sections) or 16’ (4 sections).

Bag Includes Protective Cover for Steel Point.

Range Poles should be supported at all times when extended. Do not rely on the pointed base alone to secure a Range Pole.


USRP-02525 FT.67"67 lb 9 oz26', 21', 17'USSB-006
USRP-02020 FT.65”56 lb 4 oz21',17’
USRP-01616 FT.63"44 lb 9 oz16',12'

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