September 25, 2022 • 828-323-8914

Jumper Cuff™ – Temporary Jumper Holder

Product Dimensions: 4.25” x 16.25”

Product Weight: .68lb

The patent-pending Jumper Cuff™ is a temporary mechanical jumper holder for overhead conductors. Key features include:

  • Positively captures a Jumper and Conductor in one step
  • Secures the jumper head and maintains positive control
  • V-Notch grabs the outer insulation of a jumper to prevent sliding
  • Fits over bare conductors, line hose, or cover-up (up to 2.5-inch dia.)
  • Exhibits a flash-over resistance of over 50 kV
  • Installs with a gloved hand or shotgun stick

The Jumper Cuff™ was developed to meet the needs of overhead crews who want to secure macs in all conditions. High winds and congested intersections require careful and secure placement of jumpers. Using tape or rope is inconsistent and cannot be attached outside MAD (minimum approach distance). The Jumper Cuff™ solves all
those problems in a single device and installs or removes in seconds.

Each of the opposing hooks is flared at the end to allow the Jumper Cuff™ to slide over a temporary
jumper, bare conductors, and class 2/3 line hose. No moving parts or springs. Works as well from a shotgun stick as it does by hand.

The Jumper Cuff™ is made from a smooth rugged polymer material that is strong and will not damage insulation or line hose. Each Jumper Cuff™ can support up to 100 lbs.



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