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Rex Clamp™

Introducing The Rex Clamp™, an all-new clamp designed to control tails when using come along or strap hoist type pulling devices. The Rex Clamp™ is designed to be easy to use and versatile – suitable for conductor sizes up to 1.15″ OD. Simply load the strap (strap up to 3” wide) and conductor, and engage the clamp’s rotating arm to provide positive lock to control a tail and keep the clamp in place. 

Using the Rex Clamp

  1. Slide clamp over strap. Place the tail in the jaws.
  2. Lock the rotating arm in place.
  3. If desired, set the clamp tight to the conductor, or allow it to slide by using a larger slot.

Do not attempt to load more than 1 strap in the slot.

The Rex Clamp features an ergonomic grip and is made from a rugged, UV-resistant polymer material. Made in the USA, Patent Pending.



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