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Tail Tamer™ – Temporary Conductor Clamp

  • Tail Tamer( tm)

Tail Tamer (tm)

The patented Tail Tamer™ is a revolutionary lineman invention that safely controls conductors during construction and maintenance. It is a temporary, multi-purpose hot line clamp for stringing, cutting and connecting overhead conductors.

Lineman can get more done while creating a safer work area with the Tail Tamer™.

  1. Safely hold back tail ends of conductors when stringing new wire. Current method is usually tape.
  2. Safely cut slack conductors (up to 200 lbs. of tension between Clamp & Carabiner) while maintaining positive control of loose ends.
  3. The Double Sided Clamp holds two conductors simultaneously. Easily attach parallel grove and crimp connectors.
  4. Functions as a Temporary Parallel Groove Connector rated at 300 Amps.


  • Double Sided Clamp
  • Holds TWO Wires Simultaneously (#6 Copper up to 954 ACSR or 1.1” dia)
  • Quick Release Clamp and Easy Grip Barrel
  • Rated at 300 Amps
  • Rated up to 200 lbs. between Clamp & Carabiner (w/ 5 times safety factor)
  • High Strength Tether and Carabiner Connects to Each Other, Buckets, Belts and more
  • Works as a single unit or in pairs
  • Only 1.5 lbs
  • Patented (10,682,740)



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